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We've helped a number of organizations with their CRM Strategy, Management and Projects. 
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Established a global, automated business process for eight departments using Salesforce.com within 10 months.  Implemented Content Management and Campaign Management which significantly improved productivity, reduced costs and increased customer loyalty. 
Global roll-out of Salesforce.com with 95% successful user adoption.  This was achieved with CRM training, support and developing a team environment where everyone had ownership to its success.

Standardized Call Center and Service Support which significantly improved customer relationships and paved the way for 24 hour global support.  A 100% reduction of lost revenue was achieved by launching a RMA procedure.

"Linda's leadership qualities and "can-do" attitude was instrumental in developing our global sales, marketing and service processes and in the implementation of Salesforce.com. Linda's salesmanship and sense of teamwork has inspired our employees to successfully adopt Salesforce.com. By working with all key facets of our business, she was able to create 360 degree visibility which resulted in increased productivity of our sales and service people, reduced our costs and significantly improved our customer relationships which was crucial to our business."    K. Quinlan, VP Global Sales



Reviewed current state of database and ERP integration and proposed modifcations to streamline graphical user inteface resulting in improved user adoption. 

Developed a custom application for a sales program to track critical data and to proactively interact with customers on critical issues.

"Linda was able to quickly understand our business needs, our core values and our dedication to our customers and helped us understand not only the power of salesforce.com but also its limitations with respect to our needs. Linda was professional and integrated well with our team. Ultimately her expertise and knowledge led us to the decision that Salesforce.com was not a fit for us. We would not have been able to make that decision without her help. I believe this work speaks to her values, as she was not selling us, but instead helping us get where we needed to go, even if it meant a lost opportunity for CRM Connect directly."  W. Andrew, VP Sales & Marketing