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April 2010 

Content management is a key component to sales enablement.  This newsletter focuses on how CRM and content management should work hand-in-hand to improve productivity and profitability.  Also in this issue:  CRM Connect's "10 Step Roadmap to CRM Success".


February 2010 

Loyal customers cost five times less than new ones.  Are you focusing on improving your customer's experience?  One company developed a win/win strategy by putting customers first and increased their service revenue by 300%.  Read this and more on how you can align your customer's experience to increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships.


November 2009

Read how lead nurturing has given best-in-class companies an average of 28% year-over-year increase in revenue.  Also in this issue:  "Social media buzz for lead generation, From Craig Stark, Social Media Wave" and more.